Handling the Pressures of Life

Mar 22, 2014

Have you ever worried about how something was going to work out? If the project, trip, event, job, relationship–you name it–was going to meet your expectations and succeed? I think we can all admit to being stressed over something similar.

This week as I read Romans 8, I was reminded once again that as humans we can get caught up in our own plans and miss the fact that God is in control. I have been just as guilty as anyone of setting my own goals and determining my definition of “success” before consulting God.

Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

I believe this verse gives two keys for successfully handling the pressures of life. As the verse clearly states, “…ALL things work together for good to them that love God.” We are to love God! This means that we should not be the center of our world. Loving God means serving Him and following His commandments.

The second key is in the phrase, “…called according to his purpose.” We must submit to follow His calling on our lives. This may even mean just doing what you’re doing until He tells you otherwise. Often, the scriptural example of following God’s will is taking it one step at a time, not always knowing what the end result will look like, yet trusting that “all things will work together for good.”

For the past six months, Kayti and I, along with a team of dedicated volunteers from our church have served in a Good News Club at a public elementary school near the church. This past month alone we have seen two young children come to know Christ and attend one of our church services! It is my belief that God is rewarding the work that is being done by faithful laypeople serving where they know they can, trusting that God’s Word will not return void! Please pray for our Good News Club, that the Gospel would be made known to more and more young children and their families.

It is said that, “the light that shines the farthest shines the brightest at home.” My prayer is that the light will be shining in the homes of those who have received Christ and that we will see the world’s greatest missionaries from this class! May we stop worrying and start showing our love toward God through our thoughts and actions, trusting the Lord to accomplish His will through us.

What are some things that can be difficult for you to trust God with? How have you been able to give them to the Lord?

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