Seizing Opportunities

Oct 09, 2014


Why is it easy to avoid asking the eternity-impacting question, “Are you 100% sure that if you were to die today you would be in Heaven?” I think in part it is due to our culture of pleasing people and wanting to avoid potentially awkward situations. Too many times I have opted for the “we hope to see you at church this Sunday” phrase instead of inquiring more deeply about a person’s faith. However, Scripture is clear that if we don’t tell others of Jesus Christ, the consequence will be a soul eternally condemned to an eternity of Hell.

Recently my friend, Richie, and I made a visit to a family that had indicated they needed prayer. After being invited into their living room, Richie had the opportunity to ask the young mother of two if she was sure of her eternity. She wasn’t.

While he began to lead her through the plan of salvation, her husband Lonnie walked in. There in the living room with the sound of his wife praying to be saved in the background, I was able to share the Gospel with Lonnie and see him accept Christ as his Savior! Lonnie explained that it was only a couple of months ago that he was in a coma after a near fatal car accident when a friend fell asleep at the wheel. God had another plan for his life.

Walking out of the house, I could not get over how a visit that had seemingly little potential in our eyes could turn into eternity-altering decisions. It is through opportunities like this that God continually reminds me that our job is to go and preach the Gospel. The Lord give the opportunities as well as the increase!

Is there someone God has placed in your life and on your heart to witness to? Are there opportunities that come available to you that should be seized? May we never get over the fact that God has chosen to use sinners saved by grace to reach others for Christ!

What about you? Do you struggle with being bold to witness? What are some strategies or thoughts that help you to be bold and seize the witnessing opportunities God gives you to share Christ? We’d love to hear from you!

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