How can you minister to the people of Thailand along with us? We have three suggestions for you!


  • For the salvation of the Thai people. Less than 1% have trusted Christ as their Savior!
  • For the nation’s politics and government, as His Royal Majesty King Rama IX passed away last October, causing many changes.
  • For our family, for health, adjustment to Thai culture, and Kayti’s language studies.
  • For our ministries specifically to youth soccer players and English students, as well as church members and unsaved people whom we encounter on a regular basis.



Serving in a metropolis of well over 10 million people certainly requires finances for ministry! We always encourage you to give to missions through your local church, whether through designated gifts or general missions giving. If you would like to get involved financially in what the Lord is doing in Bangkok, but you don’t have a way to do so through your church, you can click here to give through our missions organization.



Has the Lord laid the people of Thailand on your heart in a more specific way? We would encourage you to take a trip to Thailand and see the need for yourself! We would love to show you this beautiful country and the needs of its people. With ministries ranging from sports to children’s ministry, from English classes to work projects, there is a variety of ways you or your group can serve the people of Thailand along with us! If you or your church are interested in finding out more, please feel free to contact us at

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