The Land of Smiles

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Thailand, often called the “Land of Smiles,” is a country of great beauty, history, and commerce. Thailand is known for its large temples, beautiful beaches, and great food. The Thai way of life is “Sabai Sabai,” meaning, “just take it easy.”




A Land of Darkness


Thailand is a country of 69.5 million people, roughly the size of the state of Texas. Buddhism isthe national religion, with more than 95% of the Thai population claiming to be Buddhist. The second largest religion is Islam, with 4% of the Thai people following, and less than .5% of Thais claim Christianity. A spiritual darkness has made its way throughout the country, with the Buddhist religion at the center of all aspects of life, ranging from birth to education, weddings, workplace activities, family life, and community gatherings.


The Thai Quest . . . and Our Quest

The quest of every Thai person is to be a “good” person with the hope of being reincarnated to a higher state, and ultimately to attain the state of Nirvana, or nothingness. With the population estimated to reach 70 million by 2015, the younger generation has begun to question their faith and the traditions that have been passed on, with many claiming Buddhism because they have known nothing else. Thailand has become a strong economy within the Southeast Asia area, growing through advances in technology and agriculture, and they have also become more open to westerners.

Our quest and passion is to reach these smiling, yet lost, people with the truth of the Gospel of Christ. We pray to get to Thailand as quickly as possible, because we see that “the fields are white unto harvest…”



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